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Tiny Love Meadow Days™ Pack & Go Mini Mobile

Fresh Meadow Days™ design of the charming Pack & Go Mini Mobile.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stimulates baby's cognition, senses and curiosity
  • Engage baby and encourage fine motor skills practice
  • Easy & compact folding structure
  • Vibrant colors and adorable design
  • Universal clip
  • Folding wings
  • Rattle bird
  • Wind chime
  • Spiral rattle
  • Apple mirror
  • Made with high quality fabrics

Age Tips:

Connect to your stroller or baby carrier for on-the-go fun and amusement.

0+ months

Babies of all ages will enjoy the familiarity of their beloved toy while on-the-go.

1-3 months

Lightly swing the mobile - the movement and the colorful objects will encourage baby to look at the mobile and, gradually, try to bat the toys.

3+ months

Baby can practice his batting technique while enjoying the colorful features of this charming and compact mobile.

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