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Mustela Cicastela Moisture Recovery Cream (40ml)

The tube's narrow, user-friendly nozzle allows for localized application.

Cicastela Moisture Recovery Cream restores weakened skin and hydrates to instantly soothe baby and children's skin discomfort.

Ideal for baby's daily irritations, even newborns*.

Its light texture leaves a non-greasy non-sticky protective film on the skin.

* Babies out of NICU

Features & Benefits:

  • Light texture
  • Specially designed for babies' dry and fragile skin
  • Soothes by moisturizing and helps restore the skin
  • Helps to strengthen the skin's hydration barrier
  • Helps to keep the skin properly balanced
  • Leaves a non-greasy non-sticky protective film
  • Packaging made from sustainably managed forests
  • Printed with vegetable oil ink
  • 91% ingredients of natural origin
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Made in France

How to Use?

Step 1: Apply on clean and dry affected areas (do not apply on oozing spots).

Step 2: Apply twice a day.

Step 3: Seek medical advice if your child's skin appearance doesn't improve.

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