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Happie 4-Stage Alkaline Undersink Energy Water Filtration System

Kick off your day with Happie Shower Filters!

Happie's 4-Stage Alkaline Undersink Filtration System is a superior water filter that's sure to leave you feeling healthy and satisfied!

Drinking or cooking with filtered water from your own sink couldn't be any easier! 

Features & Benefits:

  • 4-Stage Alkaline Filtration System: 

    Stage 1: Sediment Filter

    It maximises the water purification effect from initial stage by completely removing all sediments including rust, dirt, sand and microscopic impurities.

    Stage 2: Pre Carbon Filter

    This carbon filter uses granular activated carbon that makes water close to natural by absorbing and removing organic chemical such as chlorine contents and odour.

    Stage 3: Ultra Filtration Filter

    This microscopic ultrafiltration filter allow the passage of only clean water containing mineral contents after removing 99.9% of the bacteria, germs and virus in the water.

    Stage 4: Nano pH Filter

    This natural alkaline filter increases hydrogen ion concentration & provide water of lower oxidation reduction potential. It also decreases the size of water molecule clusters for better hydration and detoxification.

  • Electricity-free solution to clean water
  • Removes 99.9% germs
  • Packed with benefits of alkaline minerals
  • Neutralizes acidic waste that builds up over time 
  • Helps promote overall body pH balance
  • Skin safe & refreshes skin
  • Removes residual dirt & chemicals
  • Enhances natural healthy minerals
  • No boiling needed
  • Instant drinkable water
  • Non-drilling option available

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