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Tiny Love Inspiral Rainstick Ball - Various Colors

Stimulating, spiraling and fun-filled toy. Development is all around!

Features & Benefits:

  • Stimulates auditory perception
  • Promotes natural growth & development
  • Stimulating activities, shapes and textures
  • Supports development of senses & fine motor skills
  • Textured satin ropes for tactile stimulation
  • Colorful rainstick
  • Soft texture
  • Swirled innovative spiral structure
  • Engaging spiral structure
  • Transparent base
  • Easy-to-grip design

Age Tips:

3-6 Months

Let baby explore the toy with hands and mouth, shaking the rainstick toy to stimulate auditory perception and exploring the soft satin ropes for tactile sensation.

6+ months

When crawling kicks in, let baby enjoy pushing the ball away and delighting in its unique roll-back movement while continuing to enjoy exploring its fun features.

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