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Micuna 4" Anti-Dust Mite Upholstered Spring Mattress

Micuna Anti-Dust Mite Upholstered Spring Mattress is made to provide maximum safety for your baby.

At Micuna we investigate and analyze global recommendations on baby's sleep and apply them to our products, guaranteeing rest and safety.

All Micuna mattresses have been protected with an anti-mite treatment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Protected with anti-mite treatment
  • Breathable
  • When used with Micuna Relax System®:

    - Facilitates breathing in case of cold
    - Reduces drowning possibilities caused by vomits
    - Reduces baby wind accumulation
    - Reduces cot death risks
    - Reduces pressure on baby's head
    - Aids digestion
    - Reduces regurgitation

  • Made in Spain


  • Suitable for 120 x 60 cm cots
  • Recommended for 120 x 60 cm with drop-side mechanism
  • Compatible with Micuna Relax System®

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 117 x 57 cm
Recommended Use: Suitable from birth to 3 years

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